These Boston-area groups were invited to submit creative works in response to the exhibition images. Their members contributed poems, prose, audio, video, and artwork which adds creative impact beyond just the photographs themselves. Through this interactive component of public art, bridges have been built between individuals and communities who might not otherwise connect with each other or the Boston Camera Club.

Actors’ Shakespeare Project, founded in 2004, is an award-winning professional theater company with a Resident Acting Company and extensive education, youth, and community programs. ASP performs and works in found spaces, schools, theaters and neighborhoods to present and explore the robust language, resonant stories, and deeply human characters in Shakespeare’s plays and in works by other great playwrights. The company's work is ensemble-based and focused on intimacy, storytelling, language, relationships, voice, risk and artistry within and throughout the Boston area, for both young people and adults. For the BCC exhibition, ASP youth will perform Shakespeare monologues, poetry, and/or spoken word pieces in response to the images and are excited to have this opportunity to combine two beautiful art forms.
Contact: Lindsay Williams, Associate Director of Education Programs - lindsay@actorsshakespeareproject.org

Boston Latin Academy is one of Boston's three prestigious public exam schools. It was founded in 1878, and is currently one of the most diverse secondary schools in the country. Students from the BLA Photography Club and from Ms. Marshall’s 7th grade English Language Arts class participated in this project.  

The Boston Latin Academy Photography Club was founded in 2020 by a group of high school students. We aim to encourage middle and high school students to pursue photography and to build connections between photographers at BLA.  Student leaders formulate lessons and provide education on topics within the field of photography. We challenge ourselves to dive deep into the meaning behind each photo through interactive discussions, examination, and more. Our overall goals are to educate student photographers who range from beginner to expert about the significance of photography, advance their photographic skills, and to create a meaningful community.
Contact: Ms. Daphne François, Faculty Advisor - dfrancois@bostonpublicschools.org 

Cynthia D.
Keep Going
Chatting in the Sky
Jessica N.  An Evening Drive     
Lexica T.  Umbrella    
Melinda F.
Blurred Out

Nayerie R. J.
Golden River      
Sadye C.  Tangerine Clouds

Students in Ms. Marshall's 7th grade English Language Arts class at Boston Latin Academy embraced the bonus challenge of adding their words and impressions to this photo exhibit, and were inspired by the creativity of the BCC pictures. The class had just finished creating a photo essay about their own lives, so it was exciting to subsequently examine the work of more experienced photographers.
Contact: Ms. Marshall’s ELA Class: Lillie Marshall - https://drawingsof.com/contact/

Khalid M.  Water       
Mabel G.
  The Early Morning
Nina N. 
A Calming Sensation
Pacialine E.
  Life is Like a Beach
Tiala V. 
Dim Bulb Moment

Mission Hill Women’s Writing Group  
The Mission Hill Women’s Writing Group (MHWWG) brings together a racially and ethnically diverse group of older women to share and reflect upon their decades of personal life experiences through the medium of writing. Drawing from Mission Hill and surrounding Boston neighborhoods, the MHWWG engages older women to honestly communicate their stories and perspectives in a safe and respectful space. The MHWWG is committed to cultivating ways of sharing their stories and writing process with friends, neighbors and the broader community. We are pleased to partner with the Boston Camera Club in "The Focused Eye: Our Unique Views" to respond to photos as a writing prompt and bring our work to a new audience!
Contact: Jen Lewis - jenadlewis@gmail.com

Nancy Ahmadifar
From a Distance--Cranberry Memories
Milkweed Fantasy     
Workday Musings   
Amy Dwyer 
Tolle Graham

Pandemic Theatre         
Transit Woman  

Never Too Late to Be a Poet is a poetry workshop for people 62 and over that was initiated in 2015 by then Boston Poet Laureate Danielle Legros Georges. Workshop participants have included residents of the Jamaica Plain area and residents of Mount Pleasant Home in Jamaica Plain. Mount Pleasant Home first hosted and later also became the sponsor of the workshop led by Sandra Storey. The workshop has continued virtually and is run collaboratively by the participants during the pandemic. Every week members read, discuss, and write about a different topic. Topics have ranged from breakfast to betrayal and beyond. Group members have written poems about individual pieces of visual art, called “ekphrastic” poetry, on several occasions. Now members are happy to write about Boston Camera Club photographic art for this project: “The Focused Eye: Our Unique Views.”
Contact: Phyllis Bluhm - artinbluhm@gmail.com

Elsa Bengel  The Scout
Phyllis Bluhm
3 Haikus and a Quatrain     
Time and Memory          
In The Atlas Mountains  
The young Diva              
Jane Bowers
Rusted Memories            
Handsome Young Man     
Norma Elliott  Longing                          
Cecelia Estrada Vaughan/iti kafi
day July Fourth           
Hand-picked Stones
Looking for Work       
On the Blackest Night
Chair I Am

Janell Fiarman
October Afternoon       
Milkweed Haiku
Waiting for Their Turn   
Lia Graceffa
The Story of the Fledgling
The Church in the Woods   
Marsha Kaminsky
Morning Meditation
Sky Light
In Prayer     

Connie Nelson
Miter Gears     
Tomorrow We Fly       
Kilroy Was Here
Sandra Storey

Third Floor Ornithology
Pamela Trosino

At Watch         
Geraniums ~ Haiku      
Armistice ~ A Sonnet
To the Sea

Rehearsal for Life uses theater as a tool for social change and justice. Our mission is to strengthen young people’s social and emotional skills for every stage in life, through dialogue, creativity, and performance. We do this through our programs Urban Improv, Youth Unscripted, Reaction Assemblies, and Freelance Players. Our vision to empower youth building diverse and inclusive communities where all voices are heard. As an organization working toward a socially just and equitable society through youth enrichment and empowerment, we uphold these values: Creativity, Empathy, Respect, Cooperation, Empowered Self-Expression, Diversity & Inclusion, and Positive Social Change.
Contact: Kristen Sherman, Managing Director - ksherman@rehearsalforlife.org

Zumix is an East Boston based cultural organization, amplifying youth voices since 1991. We empower young people to build successful futures for themselves, transforming lives and community through music, technology and creative employment.
Contact: Brittany Thomas - brittany.thomas@zumix.org

Brittany T.  Man in Front Soundscape                         
Wendyam E.  Lone Tree of Wanaka Soundscape         
Isaac M.  Crowing About the Rain Soundscape            
Julian J.  Desert River Soundscape                               
Kiran M. 
Passage II Soundscape
Nicolas H. 
Night Fishing Soundscape                          
Samantha A.  A Glimpse of Light Soundscape