Joyful. Intriguing. Compelling. I find that these three words describe what I choose as subjects or moments to preserve in my photography. I like to photograph things that ‘talk’ to me — be it an odd shaped stone to a quirky piece of architecture to my loved ones or pure strangers in compelling life moments. I try looking through the lens at different angles until I find a satisfactory nuance or the play of light and colors and shadows. I am never a shy person when it comes to getting into all sorts of odd and even uncomfortable positions to get the shot I want. Being in the moment of the photograph I am taking and the process I go through is very important — it is what delights me at that moment and also when I view my photographs later on. I recall not only the memories associated but the excitement and joy I felt during the process. If the end result turns out good, it is an added bonus for my viewers and I.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Let There Be Light


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Tiala V.
Dim Bulb Moment
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Although the lightbulbs failed to completely illuminate the sky compared to our sun
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Melinda F.
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