Wayne Troy

I’m drawn to subjects at seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum. While I gravitate toward well-defined geometric shapes or patterns, saturated colors, and strong leading lines, I’m similarly attracted to subjects with atmospheric softness and delicacy. When the opportunity arises, I like to take advantage of dramatic lighting and its impact on shadows or reflections.

“Reflections on a Cruise” brings these elements together for me. My wife and I were enjoying a pre-pandemic December 2019 cruise vacation in the Caribbean, and I opted to take a stroll on deck shortly after leaving port one evening. The sunset reflection in the ship’s window-wall was intense and balanced with its transmission through the glass side panels. It was disorienting for a moment fortunately my camera was at hand! It wasn’t until I saw the enlarged image that additional reflections between the side panels and window-wall became apparent. Much of life is being in the right place at the right time.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Reflections on a Cruise


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Jacqueline N.
Sea Sick
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Waking up every morning
Sea sickness is always kicking me in the stomach Feelings of illness hits me
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