Tom Hill

My photography is mostly concerned with my adventures in nature, travel, family and visual inquiries of whatever catches my eye. I’m always looking to document what I’ve never seen before. Photographer Gary Winogrand cryptically said he photographed “to see what something looks liked photographed.” In a similar vein, I’m always interested in exploration of what is revealed in photographs that was not necessarily apparent at the time of taking.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT



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Cynthia D.
Chatting in the Sky
BLA Photography Club

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Cecelia Estrada Vaughan/iti kafi
day July Fourth
Never Too Late to be a Poet

blanket of clouds hover
tangled slippery Elephant cow
Stone deep shadows steep
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Jen Lewis
Earth Essence
Mission Hill Women’s Writing Group

Flat expanse of sea,
Brilliant sun won’t penetrate
Earth wrinkle’s cool shade.
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Sandra Storey
Never Too Late to be a Poet

I’ve missed many of them
not caught them in my swirling net
turned on TV or laptop
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Marsha Kaminsky
In Prayer
Never Too Late to be a Poet

The fissures through the sand
like fingers separating
after holding hands
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Connie Nelson
Kilroy Was Here
Never Too Late to be a Poet

And aren’t we all forces of nature
Those who stream across the sky lit up
Racing with rain
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Phyllis Bluhm
Never Too Late to be a Poet

Birth and nourishment
of so much,
so many
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Pamela Trosino
To the Sea
Never Too Late to be a Poet

I, Calpurnia Fabia, wish to give account
of that day.
Simmering August heat arrives...
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