Gal Ish-Lev BROS

Capturing a moment, a view, or a feeling is what inspires me to hold a camera and take the shot. Exploring my own interpretation of what is in front of me.

This image was taken after my first “Street Photography” workshop and wow...I was feeling so uncomfortable approaching strangers on the street. This young man in a suite captured my eye in a split second, separating himself from the crowd, leaving me to wonder about his narrative.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT



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Jane Bowers
Handsome Young Man
Never Too Late to be a Poet

So handsome, so dapper, so cool crossing the busy city street.
A lovely suit, which fits so very well.
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Nancy Ahmadifar
Workday Musings
Mission Hill Women’s Writing Group

In a zone, eyes cast down,
headset calming his thoughts
with his chosen rhymes and rhythms
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