Arlene Winkleman

My father gave me my first camera when I was 17.

Although I could use one of the many several Minolta or Nikon SLR cameras available in our household, I choose to use my “simpler” camera because I have “more fun.” Today I use a Canon PowerShot SX50HS.

For many years, most of my photography was done while traveling – or taking photos of family and friends. In recent years, my husband Henry and I have made time to look for photo opportunities — lighthouses, fall foliage, covered bridges, etc. PLUS since retiring, more extensive domestic and foreign travel.

I always photograph certain subjects: lighthouses, doors, steeples, weather vanes, clocks. I also like to look for patterns and designs in nature or among ‘things'. Photography does help me see the details of life.

I enjoy looking for photographic opportunities, composing or creating and taking the photograph — and do minimal or no post-processing to my images.

The bottom line is: I photograph whatever appeals to me at the moment.

The image displayed in the banner was taken in Penang, Malaysia. We were walking along the docks that were filled with small stalls selling a variety of food and goods. One vendor was selling colorful umbrellas. The vendor had created a colorful canopy with his umbrellas to provide shade for his stall. I looked up, thought the colors bright and beautiful — and took several photos.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT



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Graciela L.
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Pride, I see pride in this picture. Maybe the artist wasn't aiming for that, but it's what I see. 
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