Moti Hodis

Rarely, but every so often, you come upon a magical scene that takes your breath away and makes your soul soar. My photographic art is about those moments and scenes. They are about bringing that moment of utter awe and beautiful inspiration to you the viewer, to share this feeling of delight, and make you feel as if you were there with me.

I am inspired by the works of Joseph Sudek, Andre Kertesz, Bill Brandt, Jeanloup Sieff and others in my pursuit to visualize, capture and present an image that will bring a smile, a frown, a moment of joy to the viewers of my work. For me, the process is one of complete creative pleasure.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Afternoon Tea in the Atlas Mountains


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Jen Lewis
Poetry in Motion
Mission Hill Women’s Writing Group

The essence of fire
And water partner to bring
a moment of peace.
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Phyllis Bluhm
In The Atlas Mountains
Never Too Late to be a Poet

There’s a story here between the flatness of the waters above
and the deserts below
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