Dan Dill

My love of Boston at twilight is born of my love of rowing. I have been rowing on the Charles River for half of my life, most mornings leaving the Union Boat Club dock behind the Hatch Shell well before sunrise. Sculling upriver, the rising Sun and Moon over the awakening city are always good company, sometimes spectacularly so. Countless times I have wished to capture the scenes before me looking back toward Boston. But I have not dared to bring costly camera gear in my 11-inch wide sculling boat. The next best, though, is that I have learned the Sun and Moon's twilight rhythms over Boston, twilight because they are low enough in the sky to be good partners with the city's lights. There is never a guarantee, but I am always grateful for those morning and evening twilight hours fruitfully spent settled in with my gear to capture the always peaceful starting and ending of Boston days along the Charles River.


Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Cold Moon Rising


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