Lucas Hill

I take photographs to capture moments I experience and share my perspective. I was introduced to photography as documentary, but I’ve turned my work into an art form of creation and discovery. My goal is finding beauty, especially where it's hidden. The uniqueness of a single photo, created through countless conscious choices while taking the shot, or in post processing, is connected with the discovery and beauty of happy accidents. I see the magic of photography in the conflict of what can be controlled and what can’t, and finding balance between them.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Bird Play


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Sandra Neves
Life Journey
Mission Hill Women’s Writing Group

I look at this image of a child; he is looking in front of him, an opportunity of life. He sees water and four pigeons.
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Connie Nelson
Tomorrow We Fly
Never Too Late to be a Poet

You come here every day, like me.
My name is Joshua. What’s yours?
Are you Peeper?  
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