Eldad Cohen

The sky’s the limit. A bird’s eye view. These are phrases we use to tell of endless possibilities and new perspectives, and it’s what I try to capture when I fly my drone to capture an image, a photograph. Taking flight at different times of day, heights, and distances, I aim to bring a unique view into focus.

A drone’s view gives me the freedom to compose a picture with a certain creativity not offered at a ground level view. I can provide an answer to the question photographers have asked for a long time — how does it look from way above — and this excites me.

I currently concentrate my Aerial photography image capturing portfolio to the following subjects: Shapes; Shadows; Lush; and Urban. While I limit my images to still photography, I am open to exploring the possibility of including videos in the future.

Each flight brings the thrill of seeing and feeling something new, transforming the sky into an infinite creative background. Being able to share that thrill through my photographs is inspiring to me.

The “Cranberry Harvest” image is one of my Shapes project subjects, showing not only the cranberry circle that is formed when the workers ‘round’ the cranberries, push them toward the opening that separates them from the water, and load them onto the waiting truck, but also the workers, including the single worker in a yellow coat, as well as another drone hovering below.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Cranberry Harvesting


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