Gordon Saperia

The grand landscape has always been my preferred photographic subject and it makes sense. Exploring mountains, seas, plains, and deserts on foot is a passion; photographing them heightens the experience.

That said, creating ‘unique’ landscape images is challenging. Digital manipulation and significant post-processing afford me the opportunity to meet that challenge as I am able to inject some of the emotions I felt at the moment of capture. Using techniques I refer to as “pixel painting,” the result is an altered reality.

“Desert River” was taken in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile in 2018. Here, water flows from the mountains into the desert plateau at an elevation of about 10,000 feet. The moving water reflected the orange light of the setting sun as it bounced off the mountains in the distance. The blue color comes from the light of the blue sky reflected in slightly wet areas of the desert floor. The processed photograph is my interpretation of the world’s natural beauty.


Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Desert River


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Joyce Harvey 
Mission Hill Women’s Writing Group

I love the deep blue and bold orange hues. Where are you going? Wherever the river flows. 
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Julian J.
Desert River Sounds​cape

I am an aspiring jazz pianist hoping to dig some deep pockets and express...
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Nayerie​ R. J. 
Golden River
BLA Photography Club

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Phyllis Bluhm 
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it was something about time
languidly going forward
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