Meryl Brown

My passion for photography focuses on birds, birds in flight, and nature. I have found through many hours of shooting that a mix of patience and spontaneity are necessary to capture the photos. The long wait is not wasted, as I cherish the time and experience in watching the interaction between the birds and nature. When out on a photo shoot I am not only shooting I am learning more about the behaviors between the birds, nesting, mating, feeding the young, and protecting their territory. Generally I am rewarded with a photo that justifies the long wait and diligence.

This photo of the Barred Owl was taken in Florida. The female owl was perched on a branch, hunting for food. Amazing to watch her capture a mouse and feed her two young owlets.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Curious Owl


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Never Too Late to be a Poet

When I swiveled, a barred owl did the same, staring in at me with his round, brown eyes centered in two circles.
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