Ed Esposito

Drones allow me to discover new and unique perspectives, and add variety to my photographic endeavors. This photograph was taken with my drone from approximately 200 feet above Wells Beach in Maine. Only with a drone could I capture this sequence of waves approaching the shore. The body surfer adds interest to an otherwise empty expanse of sand. I took this photo from my hotel 1 mile away.


Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Wave Anticipation


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Pacialine E.
Life is Like a Beach
BLA - Ms. Marshall's ELA Class

Life is like a beach.
With high tides,
And low tides,
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Mabel G.
The Early Morning
BLA - Ms. Marshall's ELA Class

A morning on the beach is my favorite time
All you can hear ​is the waves...
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Choice M.
The Se​a Song
Rehearsal For Life

My piece is a Lofi piano melody inspired by th​e sea, peace and tranquility.

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