Suki Hanfling

Since late adolescence, I’ve loved taking photos especially when traveling. (I spent my junior year in Paris.) I’m almost in a meditative state when looking through my Nikon 7200/Nikkor18-300 lens. Still working as a therapist, I’m so fortunate having a career and an avocation that I’m passionate about.

About 45 years ago I began to push myself to find my “creative voice” (“vision?”) while taking courses such as at Maine Media Workshops and entering my photos into competitions. This image won first prize for the year at the Boston Camera Club in category B.

I love looking at things with “fresh eyes” and taking somewhat “unusual” images. I appreciate all kinds of art and often try to experiment taking photos while visiting museums. When I took this picture out of a foggy window at Mass MOCA on a rainy day, I knew I wanted to create an “impressionistic” and “painterly” photo of the scenes across the street from the museum. I worked on getting some of the raindrops and blurriness of the glass in focus, while using the window itself as a kind of frame, but I also wanted to capture at least the outlines of the buildings across the street. Although the bird looks somewhat real, it was in fact painted on the building. I knew approximately what I was looking for and I liked the image immediately, however, it needed work bringing out the details and colors. When I work on an image in Lightroom it feels almost as if I’m painting.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Crowing about the Rain


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Marsha Kaminsky
Never Too Late to be a Poet

There is a single crow,
Corvus by family name
out in the rain alone 
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Isaac M.
Crowing about the Rain Soundscape

The imagery in Crowing about the Rain inspired the creation of this Soundscape.
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Tolle Graham
Pandemic Theatre
Mission Hill Women’s Writing Group

See-through bird theatre
attached at the kitchen window
spontaneous live entertainment
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Phyls E.
Seeing Again
Rehearsal For Life

Shadows they are consuming me
Shadows they are within me
Shadows they are consuming...  
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Phyls E.
Rehearsal For Life

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