Paul Feresten

I have been interested in photography since about the age of 12. I had my first darkroom (converted basement bathroom) when I was 14 and since that time, I have considered the photographic capture, processing and printing process as my favorite form of expression.

My main photographic interests are candid lifestyle, street, landscape and studio/location portraiture. Initially, I focused almost exclusively on black and white based on the feeling that color distracted from the emotive value of most images. I still prefer black and white for street images but I now enjoy color photography for landscapes and portraits.

My favorite images are un-posed, street shots which contain a combination of spontaneity. emotion and humor.

While I have been shooting mostly digital lately, I still enjoy the process and look of film, particularly for street photography. I prefer to do a minimum amount of post processing, so I try to capture exposure and framing as well as possible in-camera (easier said than done). 

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Man in Front


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Jideofor I.
Joy to the World...
Rehearsal For Life

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Brittany T.
Man in Front Soundscape

In this piece, I was captured by the expression of an elderly man, and his imagined thoughts...
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