Susana Rey Alvarez is a retired pediatrician turned photographer.

Susana owns a compact and light mirrorless camera which she carries with her everywhere.
While still practicing medicine, Susana began painting and printing monotypes, a hobby she still enjoys presently. Tango dancers, inspired by her native Argentina, and the human figure constitute her still active portfolio.

She now aims to merge both fine art and photography in her images.

Susana enjoys photographing landscapes and nature, and recently she is attracted to street photography because of its human connection.

She uses art to expand her boundaries in her appreciation for nature and people and, hopefully, to enrich the spirit of those who experience her art.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Gate to Nowhere


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Jackson A.
BLA - Ms. Marshall's ELA Class

Don't go to the forest alone they say
To something out there you are prey
Don't be too loud wear greens
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Hand-picked stones
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The absence of a warning notice is an understatement. Over-grown foliage wildflowers weeds...
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