I enjoy photography for the many varied tempos it offers to create visual images. There is the instant snap of an event noticed, the immersive hours on a single subject, and the tingly moment of satisfaction when the processed image feels just right. My stylistic goal is to simplify, intensify, and beautify the image captured with the camera. I think of photography as a challenging blend of technical mastery and artistic outlook. I appreciate the way taking pictures helps to enhance my perception of the world and preserve memories. My goal is also to create meaning, beauty or humor that may delight others as well as myself.

“What’s Old is New” juxtaposes the back half of a richly rusted jalopy abandoned in an empty field with the front half of a spiffy white car parked on the street behind it. When I spotted these two vehicles representing contrasting states of being and the passage of time, I was smitten. It took several attempts to align myself properly in order to merge the two cars into this particular composition.

You might think that “What’s Old is New” refers to curiosity about or nostalgia for the past. But, only one of these cars works and its driver is consulting his map and getting ready to head off to somewhere interesting.


Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

What's Old is New


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