Richard M Avis 

I arrived in Florida with the intent of escaping from the gray mid-winter doldrums of Boston. I was in search of warmth, rich colors, solitary places and a mid-winter refresh. In searching for such, it was recommended that South Georgia had several places to explore. I made this image at the Bone Yard of Jekyll Island, GA. My intent was to capture rich color, a sunrise, interesting foreground, and peaceful tides. When we arrived in early, morning I could feel a peacefulness that washed over me. The warmth and color of the sunrise, the peacefulness of the surf and the overall beauty of the location made this the perfect antidote that I was seeking. I strive to capture these elements in all my work. I have been photographing and capturing this type of image for many years. I try to capture what I feel in a very intentional way.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Boneyard Sunrise


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Jacqueline N.
Hiding Behind the Trees
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The night full of stars goes away
Red, pink, and purple colors fill the sky
The reflection of the sun in the water
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