Yehuda Inbar

My passion for photography started from my early childhood, born and raised in Israel. I explored and captured many wonderful scenes that gave me much joy. As a teenager I began to develop my own film and print photos in my own darkroom. I moved to the Boston in 1981 and have lived there since. 

In 1988 I received my Bachelor of Architecture from the Boston Architectural College. During my school years I emphasized my studies in the visual arts and photography using various large format cameras. After practicing architecture for many years, in 1997, I began to focus on the digital media market incorporating 3D computer graphics, photography as well as web and software development. 

In 2013, I joined the Boston Camera Club and have been participating weekly with club activities including competitions, lectures, and field trips. I have won numerous awards in various competitions. Presently I am serving as a member on the Executive Committee and Judges Committee and in the past have served as a Boston Camera Club Print Competition Chair. 

Throughout my photography experiences, I find that it’s very important to connect to the subject at hand.  Whether it be in nature, portraits, landscape, architecture, studio and night photography, the challenge is to go beyond beauty and find my connection to the scene. It is also important for me to be completely in the moment when I release the shutter. It is only then that I can share what I see and feel with the viewer.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Stata Center - MIT