Roman Schwartz

My passion for photography and the images I create are the expressions of my love for travel and nature as well as for my own personal development.

Being in distant places I only read about, seeing the beautiful nature or urban sceneries bring me the desire to capture all that gorgeousness and share it with others. It centers me and helps me understand what is important in life. I suppose being there makes me feel grateful and connected to the things that are important to me.

Early on, I enjoyed photography and seemed to be able to make well-composed images. The next transition seemed fitting that I’d try to record these feelings about nature in a photograph. My photographs became as much about my personal journey as they were about capturing the beauty that surrounded me.

My goal is to translate the emotion of the moment into the finished photograph. I seek to express that single precious and timeless moment with its tug of the past and pull of the future; to put these ingredients into a two-dimensional photograph capable of evoking within the viewer some semblance of the experience of being there at that singular, never to be repeated moment.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Machu Picchu