Morgane Mathews

The fundamental characteristic of my work lies in the simple fact that I find the world offers an incredible array of visual wonders.

As such, I like to photograph a wide range of subjects; I can say I find building façades every bit as beautiful as fiery sunsets, and reflections just as lyrical and ephemeral as rising mist over a moonlit ocean. When it comes to landscapes and cityscapes, besides enjoying sweeping vistas, I like to discover small things to shoot in the field.

I enjoy finding unique views of the city as well as the creative aspects of architectural photography. I zero-in on an interesting feature within the whole, seeking to capture images that do not necessarily represent the entire building.
I live in an urban environment where the opportunities to photograph the city are endless. Boston cityscapes encompass a variety of subjects for me —from famous landmarks lit up by streetlights, to wide-angle captures of the city from above, to long exposure images of its skylines, and many bridges —I relish the many ways I can portray this urban environment.

This photograph titled “The Alchemist’s Perspective” is part of this collective exhibit The Focused Eye: Our Unique Views. It is from early Covid days, some time in April 2020. It was shot in the early morning, during a more desolate period, with barely anyone out. In an area usually found teeming with students, I caught a quiet moment looking through “The Alchemist,” a statue by Jaume Plensa.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

The Alchemist's Point of View