Larry Manning

A lot of us have seen and photographed the world famous waterfalls, from Niagara Falls in New York, to Multnomah Falls, in Oregon, to Victoria Falls in Africa, and all the many incredible and beautiful waterfalls in Iceland, to name a few. Think about how many photographs exist of these taken by photographers, professional and amateur alike — maybe one million, two million? What I like to focus on is something with uniqueness, that I can call my own. The good thing is one does not have to travel far to see beauty in their local area. Right here in New England in our woodlands, there is beauty all around us. I love to hike, and if I discover something that piques my interest, I’ll take a snapshot with my cell phone and come back later with my 35 mm, a tripod, and most important, good lighting (I’ve had many potential good waterfall images ruined by sunbeams). One thing I like about this image is the green moss on the rocks. This particular image was taken in the White Mountains of New Hampshire late in the day about 7pm (I had a late dinner).

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

River Falls