Katie Mazer

I’ve always been a photographer, our family chronographer. I strive to engage with my subjects, and make photographs that help my viewers see my subjects as I do.

I was raised in the Midwest. In addition to being photo editor for my college yearbook, I earned my tuition working in darkrooms and in studios, photographing individuals, babies, families, and medical students.
I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near a multi-cultural park. I have summered in Maine, photographing loons. I migrate to Florida where I photograph the marvelous wildlife and events for my women’s club.

In the Miami Zoo, an elephant seemed to be playing a game with me. I danced, she danced. She tossed hay, and I threw dirt in the air, I waved at her, and she waved her trunk at me. I photographed a wolf who looked me straight in the eye! I photographed a Cheetah, in his cage, who held my stare as he approached the fence, closer and closer, and then he peed on my sneakers!

I took “Fishing Bird” in 2012. A thrilling connection! The elegant little bird appeared so excited, so proud she seemed to dance, parading and wiggling like my dog does when she is excited to see us. The little snowy egret ran up the beach, very close to me. She was showing me her fish! And then she flipped it, and then she ate it!


Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Fishing Bird