Kathy Barry

I strive to capture the elegant and timeless beauty of all that surrounds us. Whether in the natural world, on the street, in my travels or in my home, beauty is everywhere waiting to be discovered. Through my photographs, I hope to visually stimulate and engage the viewer in an emotional conversation. I approach each photograph with fresh eyes and a new curiosity to attempt to reveal the essence of each subject. Illustrating that magic dance of light and color is a common theme in my photographs. I often enjoy blurring the boundaries between precise content and abstraction, creating an expressive rendition of the subject that reflects my creative vision. 

My photo “Shadows on the Pru” was taken in the courtyard at the Prudential Center Mall. The dappled light on the building was just beautiful. I love the way the color of the glass is rendered in the light.

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Shadows on the Pru