Emory Petrack

My photography draws on the natural beauty of sand and sea, with a deep appreciation for the peace and serenity that comes through connection with nature. I've been going to the outer Cape for more than five decades, and my work translates that natural beauty into present moments that endure.

As a pediatric emergency physician working with anxious families, I am keenly aware how our lives can, in a moment, become stressful and painful. Images that celebrate our surrounding natural beauty have a way of both lowering that stress, and bringing a sense of peace and joy to my inner being.

Provincetown holds a very special place in my heart. Taken over many decades, my photographs from Provincetown reflect a delightful beauty and diversity that I find so nourishing. The Province Lands marshlands embrace the western edge of Provincetown, demarcated by this amazing jetty that stretches out across Cape Cod Bay to the curled tip of the cape. I’ve enjoyed many hours shooting, and just being, in this sacred spot. The footing can be a bit tricky on this mile long stone causeway, but after crossing, the hiker is rewarded with the nineteenth century Wood End Lighthouse, and for the more venturesome, the challenging walk over the dunes to Long Point and the very tip of the cape.

This pandemic has resulted in such exhausting times for so many. These images I create help me to stay more anchored in presence, even when surrounded by turbulence and upheaval.


Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Birds over Ptown Jetty