Bruce Barry

I have always been a wanderer. In my wandering I look for details large and small that interest me. I especially appreciate the little things or subjects that often go unnoticed. Photography fits perfectly into my wandering as I have the ability to document and express what I see around me. I enjoy exploring at various times of day as the changing light provides me with opportunities to express a certain mood or feeling as it evolves or fades. Many photos are taken using my iPhone as it is the camera I always have with me. It allows me to see and capture things immediately in the moment.

I often explore options with light and contrast photographing in black and white. I also explore camera movement in photography as it provides a new and exciting way to perceive the world. The photo “Jumping Skateboarder” was made in front of the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, a famous skateboarding locale. I enjoyed watching the excitement of the boarders and attempted to capture the intensity of the scene in this photo. 

Yehuda Inbar - Stata Center, MIT

Jumping Skateboarder